JANUARY: Message from the Chair

Hello VIG, friends! 

All are welcome to attend the monthly OA Foot Steps Virtual Intergroup (VIG) business meeting, which is held on Sunday January 15 at 3PM EST.

For VIG meeting details click HERE

OA Foot Steps Board Elections

This upcoming VIG Meeting we are holding elections for all board positions. The application deadline was Jan 5, but Elections are taking place at the next VIG meeting January 15. All Reps, please be sure to attend to have your voice heard by participating in the election process and help be a part of the future of OA Foot Steps. Elections for the following OA Foot Steps Board positions:

  • Chair
  • Deputy Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Digital Coordinator 
  • Secretary 
  • Banker {non-voting + non-board member}

World Service Business Conference {WSBC}

We are looking for qualified Delegates to send in person to WSBC. Click here for more info!

Qualifications are: One year of abstinence AND Two years of service above the group/meeting level. 

If you are interested or if you know someone that you think might want to participate, we are still excepting applications!