Your Newsletter Wants To Hear From You!

This newsletter will always be YOUR newsletter. But it is MOST your newsletter when its
contributions come from you, the members of OA Foot Steps Virtual Intergroup.

It doesn’t have to be a long, detailed article (though it certainly can be up to 500 words).

Here are some ideas:

  • Share your favorite acronyms
  • Write some new acronyms
  • Share your favorite slogans
  • Write some new slogans
  • Share your “Aha” moments of your growth
  • Share your thoughts about HP
  • Share something silly
  • Share your doodles
  • Share your favorite prayer
  • Write an article about your recovery
  • Share your favorite song or podcast
  • Submit a Meme
  • Submit an editorial piece on any topic
  • Share your favorite meditation spot
  • Share your photos (no faces)
  • Share a video

It can be done anonymously or be credited (last initial only please)
Click Here to go to our submission page.