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2 Way Prayer: Fears & Limitations

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Higher Power,
How can I move beyond this paralyzed feeling? Help me understand my fears and limitations.

Dearest Child, 

Breathe. Fear is what holds you back. Breathe away this discomfort. In each breath, breathe in the essence that is Me, the life-giving forces that fuel your body, your emotions, your thoughts and infuses your spirit with my Grace.

Breathe out all that torments you. Expel what no longer serves your greatest good, what your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies no longer require. I will carry this excrement away from you and transform it back into life-giving energy as part of the living cycle of nature. It is all a part of this natural cycle, this give and take, this inhale and exhale of life itself that reminds you that you are never alone. You are, in every moment, an intrinsic part of the whole of creation.

Fear is one of many choices you can feel, but it needs not be where you rest your thoughts. In another situation these same feelings might be attributed to excitement, or anticipation, in the face of a joyful event. How you choose to carry an emotion, such as fear, is entirely your choice, especially once the event that caused these feelings has passed. You may wish to cling to it dearly, and even make this fear a part of your everyday life. Sometimes you find yourself bound to a fear that is familiar simply because of your fear of what lies beyond it, your even greater fear of what you don’t know. Or you may choose to acknowledge it, and let it go, especially using the tools of this program to help navigate this process to move past this blockade and step into new territory.

I know you, child. I know the adventuring spirit that you are, the seeker that guided you all these years. I trust that you will release yourself from the bondage of your past and set forth with a courageous heart despite all your fears that might seek to hold you back! In the meantime, take heart, rest as needed. Sometimes you simply need to wait, curled up in a nurturing place in your life, for the universal forces in place to simply move on. Prepare for the journey ahead and hold faith in me that I will always be there to guide you.  

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