Rule 62: Don’t Take the Cash Too Seriously

2 figurines jumping out of car with dollar bill & 1 corner folded with advertisement showing on the back

We were young, we were abstinent, and we were driving home from a meeting in
Steve’s little sports car. It had been a discussion meeting and the topic had
somehow come around to money. Steve was noting that someone had misquoted
a famous quote. They had said: “Money is the root of all evil.” Steve said the actual
words are: “Lust for money is the root of all evil.” We puffed ourselves up and both
agreed—we don’t lust for money—not us, no sir, we may be overeaters, but we
don’t lust for money. Anyway, Steve drove along. After a few minutes, I was
gazing out the passenger window, when I saw a big empty parking lot filled with
cash. I screamed, “Money!” Steve slammed on the brakes and we quickly
stopped. I can remember thinking as I rushed to the cash, is it every man for
himself, or are we going to split this 50-50? I thought I had a head start, but Steve
jumped across the hood to catch up with me.
I guess it wasn’t to be 50-50 after all. When we got to the cash we quickly realized
that it was imitation cash on one side, with an advertisement on the back. We
sheepishly looked around. Steve commented that maybe someone was peeking
out a window and laughing at us. I thought, or maybe it’s God laughing at us.
Anyway, that was probably my first encounter with Rule 62 from this magnificent
program: “Don’t take yourself too seriously.”