Heavy Phones


Who knew that a cell phone could feel like it weighs 1,000 lbs? Well, that’s what some

To sound like an old-timer, years ago, before the age of cell phones and texting, the only
option was a home, work, or pay phone with a cord connected to the wall.

Fast forward to today. The evolution of the phone and its portability has opened more
options for connecting. Cell phones make calls possible nearly anywhere (except those
nasty dead zones) and anytime (um, and eliminate a lot of excuses).

Enter the life changing option of texting! Let me share with you about what some local
OA members are doing. They have created a “group text” with fellow home group
members as a way to communicate outside of meetings. They use it to touch base when
challenges come up, to ask for support and prayers, to offer encouragement, and to
recommit to their own abstinence for the day. What a great way to use the tool of

In the end, however and whenever you use the phone, the key is to pick it up and use it -after all, it only weighs five ounces.

Source: oceanandbay.org