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Bulimic, Restrictor, Agnostic Freethinker living with BPD

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Hi. I’m Claire, compulsive overeater (COE), bulimic, restrictor, agnostic freethinker and living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) (-emotionally unstable personality disorder).

~~When I first came to program I did feel different and marginalized. I was reluctant to disclose my beliefs and neurodiversity due to fear of judgement that I had so often experienced – I don’t need fixing.

I would share nothing beyond the food issues in the belief that was all I had in common with anyone.

BPD carries with it a degree of stigma due to ignorance. Agnosticism, can be seen as indecision. Both these stereotypes are untrue. Focus meetings allowed me the space to connect with fellows who could help me understand this….

About being an agnostic freethinker – I don’t have any answers. I am openminded and welcome hearing others’ beliefs in my search for my understanding of my own HP.

My neurodiversity – There is nothing wrong with me – I’m just wired a little differently.
I found a loving way to accept mine and other’s differences. To lose the shame that society had placed on me and to work towards becoming fully self accepting. With that, gradually came the confidence to always be authentic, and not to fake who I was to be accepted in other meetings and areas of life.

Thank you OA for helping me find my way through the maze of self doubt, shame and judgement.

I learnt that being open and authentic about my diversity is one of the most loving things I can do to help myself and others.

There is no reason why this program can’t work for me as well as for someone who is neurotypical with religious beliefs.

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