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Happy MOO Year

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Or, nature’s version of the “I put my hand in yours” prayer:
My friend is a dairy farmer. She helped a cow give birth one day, and although the calf was
healthy, the mother was stressed and couldn’t get up. When sunset came and she still wasn’t
rising, my friend put a blanket over her in the field and hoped for the best. She left the barn
door open a crack in case the cow wanted to return to the barn with the rest of the cows during
the night. My friend awoke early with concern for the cow and went outside when it was still
dark, and found that all the other cows had surrounded it as a wall of protection against the
I like to think that this story is God’s way of showing us what our main job in life is—to help each
other and be there for each other. OA offers us a unique opportunity to support each other and,
by doing so, fortify our selves against that first compulsive bite.

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